Getting Started
1) Contact CASBD and register ($10) to get on the mailing list
2) Buy a car and build it! (we can all give you assistance there!)
3) Register for a race (bring birth certificate to first race)
4) Every new racer gets a practice run at their first Race
5) See Calendar for Practice Day and try out your car on
the          track. Talk to other racers for ideas.  Attend Speed
6) Race... (make excuses that you are new to the sport!)
7) Tweak the car
8) Enter another race....with all your new ideas
9) Make excuses.....Repeat !
Super Stock Car
Slightly larger cockpit.  
Total weight:
230lbs for All-American Races
240lbs for NDR Races
See Calendar for our
FREE Test Drive day....
and Speed Clinic for
newer racers
Stock Car
Slightly smaller cockpit.  Slightly
easier to build and adjust.
Total weight:
200lbs for All-American Races
and NDR Races
What is All-American “Local” Race?
Throughout the season racers practice to participate in their “local” All-
American qualifying race. This is the biggest race of the year for most racers.
Along with trophies and prizes the winners represent Cleveland as the top
racer in their class in the All-American National Race, a very honorable
Due to the increase popularity of Soap Box Derby Racing, Cleveland hosts
two All-American “Local” qualifiers, one for the “Metro” racers and one for
the “Cleveland Area” racers. Winners of these races advance to represent
Cleveland in the National Soap Box Derby Race in Akron, Ohio in July.
Metro Racers include participants from the Cleveland Recreation Center
program, Boys and Girls Club Racers (Sponsored by Home Depot) and any
other racer residing within the City of Cleveland.
The Cleveland Area Racers reside in Cleveland’s suburbs and surrounding
counties that do not host their own race. The local races require detailed car
inspections and precise racing. See other articles for the schedule of activities
around your local race.
New Drivers are always encouraged and welcome!
(We love all you old drivers too!)

8-17 yrs (All-American Races)
7-21 yrs (NDR Races)

STOCK (entry level, smaller racer)
SUPER STOCK (advanced, larger driver)
MASTERS (lay down, sophisticated car)
SPECIAL DIVISION (pilot and co-pilot controls)
(Physically/Emotionally Challenged Children)

There is always someone to help you learn the rules of
the road! Come to a race or rally!

Pinewood Derby Fans!
Think of how cool it would be to have a Soap Box
Derby Car at your next pinewood derby race.
This is the next step in racing!
The soap box derby would be happy to have one of our
racers and their cars make an appearance at Cub Scout
or Girl Scout Meetings, Church Groups or any other
group that may have children who are interested in racing.
(Please contact us for availability)

Contact Chris Dyer at: