Check out our new Track Entrance.  Built by our Vocational School Neighbors -
Max Hayes High School, and local union volunteers     
The finish line has timers recessed behind the guard rail with
automated race results broadcast throughout the track and pits
area.  Redundant teams monitor race results and verify charts.
Our Track...
CASBD, in conjunction with the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Water Department was able to
develop a parcel of land 1/2 mile west of downtown along Rt 2 (West Shoreway).  Using donated
equipment, materials and an army of volunteers, the CASBD built a state of the art facility with
permanent starting gates, safety guard rail, timers and much more, while maintaining a park like setting.  It
is not unusual to get racing families from 5 or 6 surrounding states to come and spend a weekend at a
race in Cleveland.
The track is a very smooth surface.  The slope is similar to the
All American National Track "Derby Downs" in Akron, OH
Permanent starting gates are centrally
NEW in 2007, we have added starting ramps
that eliminate crossbind in the starting area.
The Cleveland track transforms during our "Ghostbuster" Race in October.
Our only night race of the season is enhanced by ghosts, vampires and goblins.
Two sets of scales (one
for Stock and the other
for Super Stock and
Masters) are used to
weigh each car and driver
at all four wheel locations.

Total weight and tail
weights  are available
View from east to west.  Lake Erie is
about 1/8 mile to the right (north)
The pits are at the bottom of the track with no interference from return
trailers or spectator vehicles.  Portable restroom facilities on site.

The track surface is smooth due the fabulous paving and maintenance by one of our many sponsors , along with miles of drainage pipe.  
The finish area is shaded by trees that were saved during the excavation of the site.  27,000 yards of dirt were moved to create this track.  
Soapbox Derby is intended to be educational for area children.  The construction of the track was education for the parents that donated
their time along with many area professionals to complete construction in Spring 2000.

Come race with us.  Enjoy a weekend in Cleveland!  The racing is always good and there is plenty of other activities in the area from the
Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, Science Center, Art Museum, Natural History Museum, to the Indians, Cavaliers, or the Browns, to concerts
and theatre on Playhouse Square.       >>  Check it all out at
North to
Lake Erie
Rt 2 West Shoreway
Runout & Pits
Westbound exit
at W45th St. off
Rt2 West
Guest Parking
Racer Parking
Pit Area
948 feet from starting paddles to the finish line and 230
feet from the finish line to the gravel pit
Gravel Pit
Safety Net
Rt 2 - West