About  CASBD
Cleveland has a rich history with Soap Box Derby Racing. We are one of three cities with races
dating back to 1934.

With our  track and strong sponsorship, we are always looking for new racers!   

CASBD is a non-profit organization of volunteers that promotes the sport of Soapbox Derby Racing
in  Cleveland, OH and it's suburbs. Racing is a great family sport for drivers from 7 yrs to 21 yrs.  
Best of all, you race at your schedule.

We have volunteers willing to help new racers be competitive quickly.  

We believe racing is a learning experience and  MOST OF ALL..... FUN!
CASBD, in conjunction with the City of Cleveland and the Cleveland
Water Department was able to develop a parcel of land 1/2 mile west
of downtown along Rt 2 (West Shoreway). Using donated equipment,
materials and an army of volunteers, the CASBD built a state of the
art facility with permanent starting gates, safety guard rail, timers and
much more, while maintaining a park like setting. 27,000 yards of dirt
were moved to create this track.

It is not unusual to get racing families from 5 or 6 surrounding states
to come and spend a weekend at a race in Cleveland.
The slope is similar to the All American National
Track "Derby Downs" in Akron, OH

The finish area is shaded by trees that were
saved during the excavation of the site.   
The pits are at the bottom of the track with no interference from
return trailers or spectator vehicles.
Portable restroom facilities on site.
Two sets of scales (one for Stock and the
other for Super Stock and Masters) are
used to weigh each car and driver at all
four wheel locations.

Total weight and tail.
Permanent starting gates are centrally

NEW in 2007, we have added starting ramps
that eliminate crossbind in the starting area.